Friday, October 26, 2007


I'm house sitting. That's great. Easier to write this way. As to the subject, now being related in the book I'm writing; interaction with plants in another sentience.

Beyond the consuming of bulbs, rhizomes, roots, gums, bark, boughs, twigs, leaves, flowers, fruit and seed. Past drinking of sap and nectar. Along with the healing of herbal remedies. Plant spirits. I've made them part of me.

Bobby first introduced me to them through plant spirit medicine and dream work. Big, calm, green Willow. Pretty lady, mother Dandelion. Mischievously dressed as a flower, little girl Dandelion. These are the ones I remember between then and now.

Willow, the genuis loci, and Dandelion; I met in the Willow Grove, where I often rested and gathered my strength. It was at the base of one of the Witteberge mountains on the Wonderklip Farm, between Ficksburg and Fouriesburg.

Later I met Passionflower where the bones of my first colonial ancestor lay. It was in the 1820 settlers memorial graveyard on the St. Georges Park grounds in Port Elizabeth.

These plant spirits have introduced me to other parts of the spiritual world. There are particular ancestors, I remember, who first made themselves aware to me, while I was interacting with the plant spirits.

They have increased my gnosis, took me to places I wasn't able to find on my own. I now know how to find them, though these are realms I now seldom seek.

After all these spheres could just be part of my insanity.