Tuesday, November 27, 2007



I LOVE YOU Karen. When I look into those shiny, dark eyes of yours, I find it hard to look away. What depths, like windows, they contain. Sad eyes. Don’t be so sad my child? Don’t you know your brother is with you? Trust in where you are. Remember friends lost are really friends gained. Yes, it’s me. Do you remember the dream where we smoked pipes together. Now you have the pipe that I gave you even then. You asked for help. Karen you are getting it. When you smell the rum and maple remember that I am with you. You asked for help, Karen, you are getting it. What more do I need to say to you? You are strong, don’t give up. Yes, you are beautiful. Do not be afraid we will not harm you. All you have heard is true. It will come to pass.


I know that it’s you. Your face seems to be imprinted onto the back of my eyes. Sometimes your presence is comforting and sometimes your presence is scary. I’m getting tired. I have lost my youthful energy. It makes me sad. Where did the laughter go? I wonder what an intimate friend would do for me. Oh, how nice that sounds; to be in love with someone who is in love with me. Is it on the cards? What say you?


Many support me so I can write. Friends. All so much a part of my life now. As I sit here I am reminded of how things change, once I've made a decision to continue on the path I am called to. The moment I realise that this is what I must do, then what I need for the journey appears. Always this has involved friends, both familiar and new. When I ask for help from the angels, guides, ancestors and devas and feel my heart set on what is at hand, then only do these things materialise in my world of uncertainty. Too often it is easy to believe that I'm just mad, living in an insane fantasy. Then, with people who encourage me to finish what I have started, do what I have decided, and hope is reignited, then come the tools and opportunities. Who brings these things to me in the end, but fleshy, physical, living people. Familiar beings in a world that we are taught is real. To you, my people, who share this world with me, do I offer my gratitude. For you, I am called. For you and our earth.