Thursday, June 9, 2011


On the 14th of March, I suddenly and quietly, did my last ceremony as a twasa (Sangoma apprentice).Having dedicated 7 years to my apprenticeship, with 3 formal Sangoma teachers, I can say I have learn't a lot.

In the meantime, I am living with a family on the next hill from where I did the last stage (3 years) of my apprenticeship. They, the Cele family, have given me a hut to live in and another for my mutis (medicines) and to through the bones in. The room I lived in when I did my apprenticeship is now my office, as it has electricity, and my fenced off garden is close by. My office houses my computer, and it is where I have started writing again.

Now I am preparing a piece of land, in this same village, as my own home. It has a run-down house, with 4 rooms, on it. There is no electricity, and water can be found across the road at a communal tap. It still needs a toilet and a hut for my ancestors.

My dream for my new home is to establish it as a healing centre for locals and foreigners alike.