Saturday, July 9, 2011


This year I have attended some ceremonies carried out by Sangomas. At each one, at least one animal is killed and of course; eaten. The essential parts of the animal, for the work being done to have ascendancy, are the blood and bile. The flesh and organs of the animal help to feed those attending the ceremony. The blood feeds the ancestors. Even the hides of the animals are dried and used, in time.

The animals used by Sangomas must cry, thereby calling the ancestors. In fact the Zulu name for a goat means; the one who calls. Cows, goats and chickens are the ones used by the AmaZulu. When the animal cries, it is believed that, it is calling the ancestors.

I know that the animal is honoured and prefer to eat its flesh rather than that bought from butchers.

Now, I respect the traditions, rituals and ceremonies of Sangomas, but I am tired of killing animals.

There are other ways to deal with problems where an animal sacrifice is needed. Plant spirits are very real and are able to do the work of sacrificial animals. In fact it was a plant spirit who made me aware of my brother who was sharing my earth body for most of my life. He, my brother, was able to leave my body and find the light through a Reiki attunement, and not through the sacrifice of an animal. I know it worked as I miss his presence to this day.

I hope to learn more about plant and animal spirits and what they are able to do towards the healing and evolution of people. It may mean that I need a new teacher to guide me.