Friday, September 14, 2007

I am writing a book about my Sangoma experiences

Today I have begun to write my story about the first time I met Sangomas. I am in my little house in Muizenberg, South Africa. The birdsong in the courtyard is for me. It is spring and a grey, blustery day. My kitchen door stands a quarter ajar. This morning a bird flew in at the door, through my kitchen and into my room. It hovered over my portal for a bit, then flew out again.

“Come, get out of bed” it said. “Come out of the winter and into the spring. You have what you need to sit down and write. Remember the crow.”

The crow has visited the pine tree next to me. Calling and calling my name until I'd come out to greet. This happened again the following day. Tidings of a friend lost and friends gained. The new life as writer begins.

As I write I hear the pigeons wroo wroo-ing, the same sounds I heard in Mautse, Place of the Ancestors. I start to remember.

The Devas guide me again. I've been given wings.


rallyround said...

A very good start Karen! Looking forward to some more

rallyround said...

Does the calling only come after the herbs?

Karen Parkin said...

Ha, ha. No, the calling comes when you are called.

Ashleigh said...

must say it's very interesting, so far so good cant wait to read the book

Lynette said...

Hie Karen and all SA sangomas
Its the 1st time l bump into this website.lm excited on the news of the book Karen is writting.its sad though to learn about the fustrating process of understanding ones calling, especially if there is no teacher or mentor and there are finincial difficulties.
I am a spiritual young lady in her 20s who was born with the calling.l was born in a family of Sangomas who unfortunately hv passed away.a calling when u dont hv a family can b devastating until u understand spirituality

Lynette said...

So Karen what u suggested about sharing information is a good idea.l am open to sharing and answering questions from everybody who needs help.l might b young but part of my calling is guiding the called.
Everybody needs to find out what specialities they are called in before they begin the spiritual journey.
Sangomas must also guard themselves against enving the other peoples' gifts and trying to supress them coz only causes them to be demoted in the spiritual world.
United we stand, divided we fall.

mhkulu dolido said...

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Karen Parkin said...

January 30, 2010 3:40 PM

Hi Lynette
It has been a year and a half since you offered to help.
I will take you up on that offer, especially now that I am blogging again and using the internet.
In fact I have joined facebook for this very reason.
Looking forward to sharing with you.

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